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Literary Agent

My Book Agent ( features the work of Timothy Staveteig, literary agent. It is part of My Book Editor LLC, an Ohio registered entity.

For 25 years as an acquisitions editor, editorial director, and then publisher, Timothy declined good ideas packaged in poorly written proposals. He reviewed about 20,000 proposals from which he gleaned only 1,000 titles.

Since 2010, he placed nearly 20 new book projects and one series of 40 titles with publishers, mostly in Christian spirituality, ethics, and history. He specializes in nonfiction placements, but handles fiction that explores themes of identity and liberation.

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He has served two terms on the board of Independent Book Publishers Association (then Publishers Marketing Association) and taught sessions on proposals and evaluation at Publishing University.

He has led numerous sessions at academic and professional society meetings on the business of publishing and how to write strong proposals.

Through My Book Agent, he wants to help authors get published well. The ticket is writing and submitting better proposals to a small, but well-researched, list of publishers.


  • My Book Agent does not charge a reading fee and does not engage outside readers.
  • Submission of material does not guarantee that this agency will represent the author or make the work more salable to publishers.
  • My Book Agent requires that authors sign an author-agency agreement before any representation commences.
  • Usual industry commissions are assessed for domestic, film sales, and foreign rights.