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Why Women Don’t Write Business Books

In 1990 as a fresh acquisitions editor, I stayed an extra day after a conference to meet with a dozen women, who wanted to write a book.

Alison Jones calls attention to a systemic issue: <a href="">Imposter Syndrom and Time Issues: Why Women Don't  Write Buisiness Books.</a>

On the day I did my spot-check, 1 February , 17 of the top 20 authors in the business category of were men; and of the three women, two were writing about the virtues of decluttering. By contrast, on the same day the top 10 names on the fiction authors’ list were female.

So, women write books, but not business books. Jones offers two reasons in her title: imposter ("who am I to write a book?") and making time to do the work. Yet, Jones offers a third reason in her text: fear.

“Don’t flaunt your success, or even let people know about your success. If you do, people won’t like you.”

Some of the authors could be female, but choose to write under a man's name because agents and publishers think that books authored by men do better.

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