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“We Grow Media” Founder Dan Blank on Audience Research

I agree with two of Dan Blank’s points.

  • Most authors work on building larger following on various social media, but without attempting to gain any real influence with those followers.
  • Most authors have not written their books for specific readerships--and are at a loss when it comes time to promote their book.

Authors, write your first draft for yourself. See the connections, the larger themes, and the gaps. Then in subsequent drafts, find an ideal reader--someone who is entirely in your target readership and someone who can lift up weaknesses as well as strengths. Cannot find one? Then engage a professional reader, someone who has read in your genre, or join a critique group with other authors writing for a similar readership as you are.

Got that going? Now think bigger. Take a writing class to meet other writers, join a professional organization, especially one that works to keep its members up to date. Locate some blogs and join the conversation.

You will find that your work is much more read by--and passed along to--your target readership.


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