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Authors whose Proposals Are in Development or Circulation with Publishers

  • Allen, Yvonne. Live and Love Successfully while Single.
    Allen is an internationally acclaimed matchmaker and relationship mentor from Australia. I supervised the translation process into six other languages and then shopped these around to possible publishers. The point of the book is that single persons do not need to be married or in a relationship to feel whole or successful. Lots of check lists and illustrations.
  • Busch, Susan. Raising a Son with a Deletion of Chromosome 22: A Memoir.
    Deletion of chromosome 22 is almost as common as Downs Syndrome (1:3000), but Deletion was not identified until 1993. This story begins when Michael has a psychotic episode and sets himself on fire.
  • Fishman, Zachary. Social Stigma: A Novel. High-school student Adam regains awareness in a mental hospital. Uncomfortable in his own skin, he had attached himself to a destructive clique. His desperate actions have alienated family, loyal friends, and potential love interests.
  • Horn, Ernest. Earmuff Eddie.
    David invites Ernest ("Horntoad") for a weekend at Eddie's farm. In two days, the three-some get into all sorts of mischief and escapades. Will they be able to weld the door back on the pickup or re-attach its exhaust pipe? Can they wire the fence back so it doesn't seem so obvious? Can they catch rats at night or a hawk during the day? WHich works better at a poop battle--golf club or hockey stick? As the author says, "Most of it is true, it's what boys do." Written for kids from eight to eighty with a focus on ten-year-old boys.
  • Somervill, Charles. Faith, Hope, and Murder.
    All Billy Ray, deputy sheriff, wants to do is to fulfill his mission as a righteous warrior in the community of Granbury, Texas, even if he needs to kill a few more to accomplish this. Then the county hires a former homicide detective, Mark Travis, to work the cold cases—Billy’s first fixes. Caught in the middle is Lori, Mark’s wife, a smoldering red-headed minister, who challenges Billy to be less righteous. Can Mark assemble the clues in time to save Billy’s next victim, Lori?
  • True+Work. "American Sign Language Curriculum.
    When teaching hearing students to be interpreters of American Sign Language (ASL), they learn best through multimedia focusing on conversations related to their daily lives. This enables them quickly to converse with deaf people in their communities. This handbook is the how-to guide so that these students can navigate both the multimedia learning and their conversations.
  • Welch, Christopher. The Reef: A Novel.
    All Addison Conway wants is to careen past her mother’s death to take the winner’s stand at the national ski competition. One more tragic accident—this time her knee—changes her whole life, again. Of course, her father over corrects, moving them for a year to a remote village in Hawaii. At least it’s not her senior year. Yet, Addi is in more danger than she thinks. After dating Mike, a jock, she becomes infatuated with Kai, the mayor’s son who carries a secret: he descends from an ancient mermaid tribe, the Mahelians. It’s as if Addi has known him for a long time. Yet, Addi is a mainlander. She must pick a side and stay with it. One night, Kai tells Addi something he shouldn't—and the community is not happy. Dragged in front of the council of elders, Addison must defend herself and Kai, or risk being taken off the island, permanently. Kai and his family must protect Addi from his distant, unforgiving Mahelian relatives who dwell in an ocean reef or risk their vengeance.
  • Williams, Courtney Alexander. Back to Africa: A Novel.
    Abdalla, the older of two brothers, has graduated from NYU Film School and has funding for a major documentary. He wants to solicit more funding to make it a major or feature film, but the Senegal government is threatening to seize his family's farmstead and, once there, his relationship with a former high school mate suddenly blossoms. She is now a teacher who will not be able to work in the U.S. Then, transporting a 3-year-old back to an orphanage in Africa changes everything.
  • Woodyard, David O. Liberating Privilege: The Breakthrough of God and the Persistence of Normality.
    Can a straight, white male make a contribution to liberation theology?" Liberation methodology begins with the condition of oppression and multiple forms of marginalization. Straight, white males most often start from a position of relative privilege. The Bible has surprising instances of privileged persons 'getting it': Pharaoh's daughter, the Centurion at the cross, and Miriam.

2010-2014 Authors Assisted in Getting Royalty-paying Publication

  • Baker, Kendall Clark. When Faith Storms the Public Square.
    Kendall has extensive experience as an organizing pastor serving an organizing congregation as well as collaborating with clergy and laity of many faiths to improve the city through faith-based community organizing.
  • Baksa, Peter J.The Point of Power.
    Peter took $500 and built a $30 million real estate business in Chicago, Illinois. (After garnering an offer from a royalty-paying publisher, the author decided to self-publish! Search for Intelligance Publishing.)I have since worked on three other book projects with the author: It's None of My Business What You Think of Me: If You Want to Change Your Life...Change the Way You Look at It; Think Yourself Young;and Faith Wave: I Think...Therefore It Is.
  • Campbell, Elaine. My Life as a Car: A Mental Wellness Guide in Your Glove Box.
    Using the metaphor of car care, Elaine offers a concise diagnostic manual for mental health. She is a member of the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Chand, Emlyn. A Trick of Fate: A Novel.
    After losing her boyfriend and job on the same day, Daly English returns home to live with her distant and aloof mother, Laine. Their relationship has been tense since Daly's father died. Yet, somehow, Laine can be motherly to Meghann, a high school freshman struggling against an unexpected pregnancy. When Daly meets Kashi, she is charmed. Yet, Kashi insists that they must meet by chance three times by accident--a hat trick of fate, he calls it--before their relationship can move forward. A powerful work in women's fiction.
  • Coyle, Suzanne. Re-Storying Your Faith: Hope through Spiritual Narratives.
    Suzanne teaches pastoral theology, and marriage and family therapy at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. She is a licensed therapist.
  • Eckerman, Carol O. Lessons in Simply Being.
    Carol recently retired from Duke University as professor of psychology and neuroscience; she is a Christian contemplative, and a spiritual director who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Frankforter, A. Daniel. Word of God / Words of Men: The Use and Abuse of Scripture.
    Daniel is professor of history and religious studies at the Pennsylvania State University. He holds clerical ordination in the United Methodist Church.
  • Henderson, Carol, editor. Wide Open Spaces: Women Exploring Call through Stories and Reflections.
    An edited collection of papers from a variety of women who share some common themes. Carol is a writer, teacher, and coach based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Hricik, Donald E., M.D. Nothing to Confess: A Novel.
    Lance Turner's successful track record as a donor coordinator for the Ohio Organ Bank is suddenly jeopardized when six of seven transplant patients simultaneously deteriorate within a month after receiving organs from a seemingly ideal, young donor. Then four die and two are left in vegetative states. The series of lawsuits generated from these cases, spearheaded by William Kackett's notorious medical malpractice firm, pose a threat not only to Lance's career but also to public trust in the organ donation system, including the lives of thousands awaiting organ transplants.
  • Huffman, Ted. Faith Practices series.
    Ted is pastor and teacher at 1st Congregational United Church of Christ in Rapid City, South Dakota. He has also served congregations in North Dakota and Idaho. The series includes over 40 titles.
  • Jay, Erin Flynn. Mastering the Mommy Track: Fearlessly Balancing Career and Kids.
    Today, over 70 percent of women with a child over age one work, nearly double the rate in 1976. Erin Flynn Jay--a writer, publicist, and communications consultant--has articles published in, MSN Careers, Brandweek, Costco Connection, Opportunity World, Sales and Marketing Excellence, The New York Enterprise Report and Wealth Manager.
  • Mueck, Alex. Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captain Coytus.
    It's hard to tone down the ribald, frat-boy humor in a Harvard undergraduate thesis, especially when it unravels the history of your family's fortune and solves several historical puzzles ... unless, of course, your professor is sure you wrote it to smear him. Professor Gladstone, a new chair of the history department, and Ulysses Baxter, a rich student who has never been serious, become rivals as to whether Vincent Johnson ("the Captain") even existed. Gladstone writes Fail on the cover sheet; the student expects to get information about publishing his ground-breaking, A-plus thesis. Will the history books need to be rewritten?
  • Nonn, Timothy. Spirituality for Radicals: Meditations on Contemplative Activism.
    Many people succumb to the epidemic of despair caused by global crises. The remedy to this despair cannot be found either in passive spirituality or unreflective activism. Contemplative activism – the practice of experiencing the sacred wholeness of being in everyday life and social movements – allows us to confront despair and discover inner resources of hope and compassion so that we can lead more fulfilling lives. This book will appeal to anyone looking for practical ways to sustain their activism and spiritual life in a world suffering from despair, cynicism and indifference.
  • Maffin, June Mack. Soulistry--Artistry of the Soul.
    June has a rich background as Educator, Anglican priest, Author, Hospital Chaplain, Creative Spirituality Artist and Spiritual Director and lives in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Manuel, Elizabeth. Beautiful, Beautiful, and the Haircut's Not Bad Either: A Female Barber's Memoir.
    Elizabeth is not a beautician or a stylist. She is a barber, one of the first women in her community to become one. She shares stories about breaking into a man's world and reflects on the attractions of that world.
  • Phillips, Dan Kenneth. Spiritual Journaling.
    "Brother Dan" has been a leader in spirituality for over four decades. He has led conferences on prayer, spiritual journaling, the spirituality of Thomas Merton, and grief exercises.
  • Prins, Glenda W. Lessons from Katherine: A Spiritual Struggle.
    A couple's painful struggle through infertility and then adoption as they learn that their daughter has severe medical difficulties.
  • Reinhart, Carolyn. A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality.
    This book is the fruit of years of formal study in the field of spirituality combined with 70 years of life experience. The book is not about religion, theology or church, but helps the reader to learn more about the meaning of the word spirituality for today. It includes a consideration of our humanity and spirituality; our spiritual journey; transformation and growth; relationships; integrating the personal and social; how to change; the context/organization and the relationship of Spirituality with Quantum Physics.<
  • Sharpe, Keith. The Gay Gospels.
    Keith is a retired Professor of Education, now a gay Christian activist and writer involved with both the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and Changing Attitude, of which he chairs the Sussex branch.
  • Sheehan, David, and Rob Schneider. The Curse of the Internet.
    Examines a wide range of business in which fewer persons can produce more. The economic recovery may not be the ticket to much higher rates of employment.
  • Tomaszek, J. Victor. The Eagle's Path: A Novel.
    Boleslaw Radok must decide between staying on his farm in the Polish mountains or join the battle of Vienna in 1683.
  • Walker, Randi J. Religion and the Public Conscience: Ecumenical Civil Rights Work in Seattle, 1940-1960.
    Randi is professor of church history at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California, and an ordained clergywoman in the United Church of Christ.
  • Williams, Courtney Alexander. Faithful Brothers? A Novel.
    Two brothers in Africa dream of coming to New York, one by going to school, the other by selling diamonds from the family farm plot. At times, each needs the other and each fails the other. Managing self-publishing with Dog Ear Press.
  • Woodyard, David O. The Church in the Time of Empire.
    David is the author of 8 previously published books. He is professor of religion at Denison University, Denison, Ohio.